TiWin Patella Locking Plate

TiWin Patella Locking Plate System 3.5mm

Patella fractures

With a share of approx. 1% of all fractures, the patellar fracture is a rather rare injury pattern, but in Germany alone there are around 10,000 cases per year.

Implant-associated complications such as cerclage fractures or wire migrations as well as secondary loss of reduction with fracture dehiscences and joint stages occur very frequently in 30% of cases.

Revision operations with removal of the Kirschner wires are necessary in up to 65% of cases.

Type of fixation

Star-shaped 3.5mm angle locking plate :


Cannulated 4.0 mm lag screws in combination with 1.25 mm cabling of the anterior tension band  :



From a biomechanical point of view, the use of anterior locking plate osteosynthesis in complex patellar fractures provides better primary stability, resulting in less early fracture displacement compared to cannulated lag screws with anterior tension band wiring.


LP = Locking Plate Group

HP = Hybrid Osteosynthesis Group

Feature & Benefits

  • The anatomically shaped plate design enables optimal placement on the patella.
  • 11 screw holes allow intraoperative flexibility and individual consideration of the respective fracture pattern.
  • Rounded edges, the slim plate profile, the smoothly coated surface and screws that sit flush on the plate reduce the risk of irritation of the surrounding soft tissue.
  • 3.5 mm locking head screws with a low profile ensure angle-stable fracture treatment with a low osteosynthesis profile.
  • The T15 screw drive ensures optimum power transmission, reduces the risk of deformation of the screw drive and enables the screw to be held on the screwdriver.
  • The special surface coating of the plates and screws (Type II anodization) facilitates the removal of the implants after the fracture has healed.
  • Special Kirschner wire holes in the plate allow for temporary Kirschner wire fixation to facilitate the positioning of the plate on the bone.
  • Suture holes along the edge of the plate allow additional fixation with sutures.

Patella locking plate bottom view


Patella locking plate top view




Clever because,

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