Titanium anodizing

Titanium anodizing type II


Type II titanium anodizing is the ideal finishing/sealing process to improve the biomechanical properties of medical implants made of titanium material.

With guaranteed biocompatibility, the sealing results in a harder surface and increased abrasion resistance, among other things.

Due to the improved material properties of titanium anodizing type II according to the standard Aerospace Material Specification AMS 2488, this process is used in numerous products, especially in medical implants, but also in industries such as aerospace and automotive and are also used in the manufacture of watches, glasses and jewelry.

The titanium anodization type II gives the titanium surface an absolutely even and resistant finish, without changing the dimensional accuracy of the titanium part. The tensile strength is also significantly increased, while the coefficient of friction is greatly reduced.

With this titanium refinement, the so-called “cold welding” when using bare titanium surfaces can be avoided and screw connections can be loosened more easily. Another advantage of the refined titanium surface is that residues and foreign particles stick to the dark anodized titanium surface with difficulty or not at all.

Advantages :

• anti-galling and wear resistant surface properties

• increases fatigue strength

• improves surface finish

• reducing erosion/abrasion, and reduces fretting

• high strength-to-weight ratio improves fatigue properties

• coating is continuous, smooth and adherent

• gray color is easily distinguishable from steel

Titanium anodizing type III


With titanium anodization type III (color anodizing), the titanium surface is coated with a thin, oxide layer.

This provides additional protection for the titanium as well as a clear color coding. The process of titanium anodizing type III (color anodizing) guarantees homogeneous coloring in a wide range of colors.

Thanks to high process reliability and quality, exact repeatability for consistent results is always guaranteed, even with different production batches. On request, color samples can be created, which can be used by the customer to check the color.

The titanium anodization type III (color anodization) refines the titanium work-piece and can therefore be clearly identified in terms of color without changing the material properties of the titanium.

Due to the wide range of colors, the areas of application can be found in the medical device industry for implants and medical instruments as well as in aerospace technology.

Advantages :

•  provides identification feature

•  cosmetically appealing

•  biocompatible

•  some increased lubricity

•  no dimensional change

•  variety of colors available