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About us

In the year 2023, Mahe medical Co., Ltd. (founded in the year 2015) located in Pathum Thani, Thailand, a company specialized in the development and manufacturing of surgical instruments and implants, decided to undertake a rebranding and renaming initiative. This move was aimed at strengthening the brand and expanding its international presence. The name chosen was SiS medical Co., Ltd. to reflect the company’s core competency – the production of medical products and solutions. The renaming marked the beginning of a new era for the company. With a refreshed brand identity and strategic realignment, SiS medical Co., Ltd. is focused on innovations in the field of medical technology. The company invested in the manufacturing and development of surgical instruments and implants to broaden its product portfolio and further enhance the quality of its offerings. 


In 2024, another significant step in the development of the company was taken with the foundation of SiS Medical GmbH in Germany. This new subsidiary was created to strengthen manufacturing and development activities. The foundation in Germany enabled SiS medical Co, Ltd. to work more closely with European partners and to serve the European market more effectively. Together, the teams in Thailand and Germany closely work on developing high-quality surgical instruments and implants tailored to the needs of distributors, doctors and patients worldwide. By combining Thai manufacturing expertise under German leadership and German precision, SiS medical Co., Ltd. is able to offer high-quality and innovative products. The story of SiS medical Co., Ltd. is an example of how international collaboration and the exchange of expertise can lead to successful expansion and innovation in the healthcare sector.

Our Vision

To be a medical industry leading developer, manufacturer and distributor of unique and efficient, user-friendly implant systems suitable for a large variety of fracture indications.

Our Mission

To produce and distribute finest quality medical products

  • that meets the need of every patient
  • that Physicians are confident to use
  • that employees are proud of and investors seek for long term returns.