DHSP / DCSP - Instruments, Large Fragment Basic Instruments, Steel DHSP Hip Screw Plates, Steel DHSP Condylar Screw Plates, Steel DHSP / DCSP Dynamic Lag Screw

  • Large Fragment Instruments & Stainless Steel Implants

    Large Fragment Basic Instruments, Large Fragment Implants

    Large Fragment Instruments & Stainless Steel Implants
  • Small Fragment Instruments & Implants

    Small Fragment Screws, Small Fragment Plates, General Instruments for Small Fragment Plates and Screw System

    Small Fragment Instruments & Implants
  • Mini Fragment

    Straight Mini Plate, Mini T-Plates, Mini H-Plate, Mini Condylar Plate, Straight Mini Adaption Plate 2.0 mm, Straight Mini Plates 2.0 mm, Straight Low Touch Mini Plates 2.0 mm, Mini L-Plates 2.0 mm - 90° Angled and many more.

    Mini Fragment
  • Synergy-X-Pro Power Tools

    PowerPack for all 9 machines, Synergy-X-Pro Drill and Milling Tool, Synergy-X-Pro Standard Drill, Synergy-X-Pro Oscillating Saw 4°, Synergy-X-Pro Oscillating Saw SAW 2°, Synergy-X-Pro Oscillating straight saw 2° and 4° for Stryker sawblades, Synergy-X-Pro Oscillating straight saw 2° And 4° for SYNTHES/AO sawblades, Synergy-X-Pro Sternum Saw, Synergy-X-Pro Attachments for Drills and Milling Tools, Synergy-X-Pro Sterilization and Transportation, Synergy-X-Pro Care and Cleaning

    Synergy-X-Pro Power Tools
  • HS/HCS Screws

    Color coded, cannulated compression screw system from 2.0 to 7.0 mm

    HS/HCS Screws
  • Drill Bits & Taps

    Drill Bits:
    AO Coupling - cannulated and non cannulated, Round Shank - cannulated and non cannulated, Countersink - cannulated and non cannulated, Dental Coupling, Shannon drills

    AO Coupling - non canulated and canulated, Dental Coupling

    Drill Bits & Taps
  • Flexible Reamer

    Flexible Intramedullary Reamer Systems with different connections and cutting edges.

    Flexible Reamer
  • Wire Instrument

    Wire Tightening Pliers TC, Wire Bending Pliers, 150mm, Parallel Plier 185mm, 7 1/2" without Lateral Wire Cutter, Locking Plier 180mm, 7", Wire Cutter 15cm, TC, Wire Cutter TC, 230mm, CERCLAGE Wire Passer 45mm, CERCLAGE Wire Passer 70mm, Wire Tightener, Cerclage Wire soft, Kirschner Wires with Single Trocar Point and Round End

    Wire Instrument
  • Small Fragment Screw Box

    Tray for
    Locking Screw Ø 2.4 mm, Cortex Screw Ø 2.4 mm, Locking Screw Ø 2.7 mm, Cortex Screw Ø 2.7 mm, Locking Screw Ø 3.5 mm, Cortex Screw Ø 3.5 mm

    Small Fragment Screw Box
  • Pelvic Reposition Instruments

    Bending template for reconstruction plates, Osteotomy chisel, Bending iron for reconstruction plates, Bending plier for reconstruction plates, Jacobs chuck with handle and wrench, Sharp bone hook, Bone lever for hip surgery, Reduction forceps, Reposition forceps, Pelvic reposition forceps, Pelvic reposition forceps with 3 spikes, Pelvic reposition forceps with 2 spikes, Periarticular reduction forceps

    Pelvic Reposition Instruments
  • Niti Nitinol Reaming System

    Hand reamers, Skin (Tissue) Protector, Keyless Chuck with T-Handle - cannulated, Intramedullary Exchange Tube for Guide Wires, NITI – Nitinol Reamer Shaft with AO Connection, NITI – Nitinol Reamer Heads, Reamer Guide Rod with ball Tip

    Niti Nitinol Reaming System
  • Pediatric Elastic Nail Instruments

    Trocar for Ø 1.5 - 3.5 mm Nails, Trocar for Ø 3.5 - 5.0 mm Nails, Handle with Jacobs Chuck, Extraction Forceps for Intramedullary Gliding Nails, Extraction Pliers for Boring Wire, Nail Impactor, Mallet

    Pediatric Elastic Nail Instruments
  • 7.0 mm Cannulated Screw System

    7.0 mm Cannulated Screws, Basic Instrument for 7.0 mm Cannulated Screw System, Percutaneous Instruments

    7.0 mm Cannulated Screw System